Trucking from China

Trucking from China to the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Ukraine is one of the most popular services provided by the company VED Agent. Our employees carry out a whole range of activities, from supplying a vehicle for loading to a supplier’s warehouse in China to handing over the delivered products to the recipient.

Our services

In the process of organizing trucking from China, the specialists of the company “VED Agent” use vehicles with a capacity of 15 to 120 m³. We work with various categories of cargo, including oversized structures, fragile, dangerous and special products. Perishable and seasonal goods are delivered from China by refrigerator vehicles equipped with temperature control systems. Along with the trucking of goods, we also provide services for the registration of shipping documents, including export declarations, as well as CMR and TIR.

To make the delivery of goods from China as speedy and beneficial for customers as possible, we also provide the following services:

  • selection of proper vehicles;
  • elaboration of the optimal freight route;
  • timely delivery of technically ready vehicles;
  • full logistic support of the transaction;
  • control of each stage of cargo transportation and timely informing the client on the delivery of goods.

Terms and costs of trucking from China *

RouteRoutes, fromCost
Jeminay-Novosibirsk, 120 m33 days200.000 RUB
Jeminay-Ekaterinburg, 120 m36 days220.000 RUB
Jeminay-Moscow, 120 m37 days240.000 RUB
Manchuria-Novosibirsk, 120 m38 days

92.000 RUB
Manchuria-Ekaterinburg, 120 m311 days108.000 RUB
Manchuria-Moscow, 120 m313 days140.000 RUB

*This offer is not a public offer.

To order trucking from China to Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine by the company VED Agent, use the online quick application form. For more information about the work of our company, please contact our consultants at numbers +7 (800) 250-01-50 (for Russia) and + 86-021-688-180-81 (for China).

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