Sea freight

Sea routes are often chosen for the carriage of goods from China, since the sea transportation is the cheapest mode, and in many cases it is generally the only delivery route if the point of departure and point of receipt are located on different continents.

In addition, maritime transport has a large carrying capacity and is able to take on board heavy and oversized goods.

Sea vessels are often used in multimodal transportation. This is the delivery of finished products or raw materials, in which more than one mode of transport is used.

VED Agent provides the following services in the field of international shipping:

  • transportation of goods in containers having different tonnage and volume;
  • transportation on deck or by Ro-Ro method of heavy and oversized items;
  • freight forwarding (including reception, processing, storage) in ports and at railway stations;
  • delivery of goods to the customer by road or rail from seaports.


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