Project freight

Some goods require special conditions for transportation and more careful handling:

  • Weights with temperature conditions
  • Dangerous goods
  • Heavy and oversized cargo.

К примеру, для доставки скоропортящихся продуктов необходимо на протяжении всего пути следования соблюдать определенный температурный режим и уровень влажности. Для этого используется специально оборудованный транспорт – это могут быть автомобильные рефрижераторы или изотермические автофургоны, при перевозке железнодорожным транспортом будут также использованы рефрижераторные секции (при доставке замороженных грузов) или изотермические вагоны. Используются оснащенные необходимым оборудованием помещения и при доставке грузов морским транспортом.

It is also very important to preserve the goods during loading and unloading, and given that there is a need to organize multimodal transport of sensitive goods, there can be several ones. With such complex tasks, it is very important not to make a mistake with the choice of logistics company. After all, with the slightest mistake of a logistics operator, there is a risk of losing a whole consignment of goods and the reputation of your organization. With the company VED Agent you need not worry about this - your goods will be delivered on time and in the same state it was at the moment of loading. This is guaranteed by our many years of experience in the transportation of goods, including the delivery of perishable goods.

The goods requiring special transportation conditions also include dangerous goods, that is, those that can adversely affect people's health, even death, as well as harm the environment or nearby property. The company VED Agent pays maximum attention to them with full compliance with all safety measures. The employees involved in the transportation of goods from China and other countries are clearly instructed and prepared for any possible force majeure circumstances. The route of such goods is calculated to the smallest detail, taking into account the quality of roads and settlements along the way. Professionalism in dealing with flammable, explosive, radioactive or toxic substances is a key factor for their safe transportation.


To deliver goods with dimensions that exceed the established standards of conventional vehicles, we can provide alternative methods of transportation: these can be low loader trailers, gondola cars, Flat Rack containers. When transported by sea, goods can be placed on deck. This method of transportation allows you to eliminate maximum restrictions on the size and weight of goods. With the company VED Agent you can easily deliver or receive the necessary machinery, equipment for production or industrial structures.

In the situation with the transportation of project cargo, the experience of professionals and a responsible attitude to the task are key factors for the desired result. Our experts will make every effort to ensure that your cargo is delivered without damage to your destination. You just need to contact one of our employees, and we shall take the responsibility for the delivery of goods that require special attention, meanwhile you will be able to tackle more important current strategic issues.




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