Multimodal transportation

The company VED Agent deals with the provision of services for the delivery of goods by various modes of transport. It is called multimodal or mixed transportation.

In 1980, the UNO issued a convention defining multimodal delivery as the transportation of goods and raw materials by two or more modes of transport from one country to its destination on the basis of an agreement. On the way, the operator takes the responsibility for the cargo.

This type of transportation involves the delivery of cargo "door to door". That is, goods from the consignor’s warehouse are delivered to the consignee’s warehouse.

Mixed transport is used when the delivery by one mode of transport is not available.

A common multimodal delivery scheme is the following: the cargo is taken from the shipper, then transported to the nearest port by car. After that, it goes by sea to the port of the destination country. Then the goods are transported by trucks or trains directly to the recipient.

For multimodal transport, cargo is most often packed in containers, which are multi-returnable. This allows you to ensure the safety of the cargo, reduce the risk of damage to a minimum on the road and when reload to another vehicle.


Multimodal freight transportation with the company VED Agent

The company VED Agent has extensive experience in the field of goods delivery by different modes of transport. We offer:

  • a team of professionals with many years of experience;
  • A wide network of trusted partners in ports and at railway stations, as well as among container owners.

When providing services, we observe the following principles:

  • detailed development of the transportation route from the starting point to the final delivery point, including such subtleties as the choice of transport, transshipment points and customs clearance issues;
  • providing customers with complete information about the location of the goods;
  • competent registration of transport and accompanying goods documents;
  • providing a full range of services along the way, including insurance against any risks.

VED Agent has a wide structural network of agents at airports, seaports and railway stations around the world. We work only with proven partners. On the whole route of the cargo we provide a full range of services. When developing a delivery scheme, all details are taken into account: from the state of the cargo to the delivery time, from optimal transshipment locations to the mode of transport and the place of customs clearance.

We offer our customers the following services:

  • negotiations with the supplier, a visit to the production site;
  • shipment control;
  • contract holder services;
  • delivery of goods worldwide by any means of transport;
  • customs clearance;
  • certification;
  • product insurance;
  • consulting.
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