International freight

"For us, this is more than just work — to
deliver goods to people around the world!"
General Director A. Degtyarev

We will deliver clothes, shoes, electronics, equipment, foodstuffs and thousands of other goods from Europe, America and Asia safe and sound! We like to deal with the international transportation of goods that are waited by millions of people around the world.

The VED Agent team is made up of people who are passionate about their business, the people who have spent years of studying and worked thousands of hours, solving the most interesting problems in the field of international transportation.

of the company's employees have a specialized higher education. 100%
In total, the company’s specialists have been engaged in foreign trade activities for longer than >100 years

Feel free to call us, write, place orders, ask for specifications - we will be happy to inform you, consult you about any issue. Sophisticated routes, non-standard groupage cargoes, short delivery times inspire our experts in international transport! Order processing takes place very fast and includes the arrangement of a detailed route specifically designed for solving your problem, and the evaluation of customs clearance at the lowest rates.

But the most important thing is that we will deliver the goods intact and safe just in time. Packaging, loading and other operations associated with cargo safety are the subject of the direct supervision of our specialists, who work for you 24 hours a day! New concepts and logistics technologies, specialized software, ongoing trainings and seminars enable our employees to be the best in their field, competing with the grand champions of international transportation.

International freight with VED Agent

Our work is highly valued by the professional community, customers and independent experts.

Management of the quality of services of the company “VED Agent” fully complies with international standards ISO 9001, and even surpasses them in certain positions.

Order a trial transportation in the company VED Agent or calculate the cost of international freight!

Service, prices, guarantees and special offers will pleasantly surprise even strict sceptics!

Work with the best, get favorable conditions, pay less, contact with competent people, develop your business in a civilized way with us!

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Awards and certificates
The best small business enterprise of Novosibirsk in ‘Leader of servicing’ nomination
The General Manager of JSC VED Agent Alexander Degtyarev is the laureate of ‘Leaders today-2018’ prize
The company’s work quality is confirmed by international certificate ISO 9001
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