International air transportation

Air transportation is one of the most expensive modes of transportation, so its share in the global volume of cargo transportation is relatively small. But sometimes this method of delivery is the only possibility. First of all, this applies to inaccessible and remote areas where there are no railways and roads. Also, international air travel is actively used to transport certain categories of urgent and valuable cargo.

Advantages of air transportation

  • Reliable delivery of compact, expensive goods that require careful handling.
  • High speed of goods transportation (especially important for international destinations).
  • Numerous  opportunities to create non-conventional routes.

Within the framework of international air transportation VED Agent delivers goods according to the following schemes:

  • “door to door” (from the consignor’s warehouse to the consignee’s warehouse);
  • from the airport of departure to the airport of destination;
  • from the airport of departure to the consignee’s warehouse;
  • from the sender’s warehouse to the destination airport.

Choosing the company VED Agent for the organization of international aviation and multimodal transportation you can order a full range of services related to the customs clearance of goods.

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