Groupage cargo

Groupage is a consignment of goods from several different senders. Such deliveries are in demand by enterprises and individuals. This type of transportation implies the regular sending of small consignments. The company “VED Agent” provides international cargo transportation services, helping customers quickly to send and receive the necessary goods.

Benefits of Groupage Delivery

Saving resources. Transportation of a significant amount of goods from several senders allows you to competently and efficiently use the vehicle space, which provides an overall reduction in the cost of international cargo delivery. The client of our company pays only the cost of the space in the container that is necessary to place his goods rather than the entire vehicle according to current tariffs.

Efficiency. You do not have to wait for the accumulation of the required consignment of products to be delivered. By the time your products arrive at the VED Agent consolidation warehouse, we usually already have the necessary amount of goods to deliver.

The opportunity to transport a wide variety of assorted goods. Groupage cargoes may include industrial equipment, household appliances, consumer goods, etc. Therefore, international transportation of this type is available to any company, regardless of the size and direction of their activity.

Estimated delivery time for groupage cargo from China

CityTruckingSea delivery + railway transportation
Moscow15-20 days40-50 days
St.Petersburg17-22 days40-45 days
Ekaterinburg10-12 days30-35 days
Novosibirsk7-10 days25-30 days
Vladivostok5-7 days5-7 days

The time for transporting goods from China shown in the table are given on the basis of the average data without some specifics of individual transportation and routes.

Prices for the delivery by batched heavy truck from Shanghai to Novosibirsk*

For light cargoes (1 m³ weighs no more than 220 kg)

Cargo volumeCost
1 м³from 14.400 RUB
2-5 м³from 11.600 RUB
6-10 м³from 9.400 RUB
11-20 м³from 8.800 RUB
21-40 м³from 8.800 RUB
41-70 м³from 7.200 RUB
71 м³from 6.400 RUB

Price for 1 m³ of cargo in roubles.

For heavy cargoes (1 m³ weighs more than 220 kg)

Cargo weightCost
less then 1000 kgfrom 44 RUB
1001-3000 kgfrom 40 RUB
3001-5000 kgfrom 36 RUB
5001-10000 kgfrom 32 RUB
10001-20000 kgfrom 28 RUB

Prices are given for 1 kg in roubles. The given tariffs do not include the temporary storage services in Novosibirsk.

Prices for the delivery by batched container (sea+railway)*

For light cargoes (1 m³ weighs no more than 220 kg)

Cargo volumeCost
1-4 m3from 10.000 RUB
5-10 m3from 9.000 RUB
11-20 m3from 8.200 RUB
21 m3 and morefrom 7.200 RUB

Price for 1 m³ in roubles.

For heavy cargoes (1 m³ weighs more than 220 kg)

Cargo weightCost
400-1000 kgfrom 28 RUB
1001-5000 kgfrom 24 RUB
5001-10000 kgfrom 20 RUB
10000 kg and morefrom 12 RUB

Price is given for 1 kg in roubles.

* This offer is not a public offer.

Operating procedures

Groupage cargo is transported in a certain sequence.

Formation of a whole batch of goods. Items to be delivered are stored for some time in consolidation warehouses. When the necessary volume of cargo accumulates, the transporting company forms a batch and organizes its delivery to the destination point.

Preparation of products for transportation. Employees of VED Agent carry out competent packaging of products using special equipment. The boxes with the goods are marked for their further delivery to the customer.

Goods transportation. Our company organizes the delivery of batched consignments on a regular basis. We choose the suitable type of vehicle depending on the remoteness of the destination and other factors. To control the movement of goods modern navigation systems are used.

Distribution by recipients. This is the final stage of delivery of assorted goods. The transfer of cargo to the recipient is carried out depending on the scheme chosen by the customer.

You can order international transportation of groupage cargo in the online application section. For qualified consultation on the delivery of goods to a particular point of the world, call our consultants at +7 (800) 250-01-50.

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