Goods from China on “turnkey” basis

The company VED Agent offers its customers the service of import of goods from China on "turnkey" basis. This means that any goods ordered by you will be purchased in China, imported into Russia and registered in accordance with all the rules of customs clearance and transported to your warehouse. VED Agent will minimize your participation in the import process.

Foreign economic activity seems understandable and simple only until you have to import or export goods from the country. It is then that a lot of questions arise, to which, for delivery from China, you should find the right answers in a timely manner. For example: you have found the products you want to buy  and the sellers, started discussing and comparing prices for the products of interest. You have a target: the seller’s product No. 1 (FOB Shanghai) costs $100,  supplier‘s product No. 2 (EXW) costs $80, and the party’s product No. 3 (CFR Vladivostok) costs $120. The question is which of the suppliers with the same products’ quality is more profitable to buy products from? There is no single answer to this question; you need to comprehensively assess the situation, and this requires professional knowledge and permanent work experience. In its own way, each option can be good, it is important to understand what opportunities and tools you have. If you can reimburse export VAT in China, and the price of EXW goods + transportation costs in China - return of export VAT which is cheaper than the FOB price, then the transaction on EXW terms would suit you. This simple example makes it clear that any action in foreign economic activity has its consequences and for the most beneficial result it is important to hold to the right course.


The conclusion of a “turnkey” import agreement makes it possible to minimize the risks associated with the import of goods and increase your profits, as well as free up your time for the development of core activities.

Quoting one of our clients of our company, we can add: “For a novice in foreign economic activities 20% of the time is work, and 80% of the time is putting out the fire, eliminating the consequences of their own actions.”

Each of us should mind our own business and strive to achieve maximum results!

Providing the service of import of goods, specialists of VED Agent will:

  • find manufacturers and suppliers of necessary products;
  • select the best manufacturers and suppliers;
  • draw up a foreign trade contract;
  • make a payment;
  • control the shipment of goods in China;
  • import goods into Russia;
  • deal with certification and getting the necessary permits;
  • go through the customs clearance with regulatory authorities;
  • deliver the goods to the Customer’s warehouse;
  • draw up the necessary accounting documents.
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