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Export of goods is the dream of a manufacturer and a carrier. If the products are in demand abroad, the manufacturer is happy and proud, and the carrier enjoys delivering them to foreign consumers. That is, the export of goods (we are speaking only about the export) is carrying material goods across the border on a reimbursable basis - it is not so easy to carry them, is it? The target of export is the sale of goods in the foreign market.

Just like that, you can’t want and export products abroad. Everything should be in order, otherwise it can be taken out ... Exporting is done according to the rules stated in the legislation of the country. It is necessary to pay customs duties and fees for the possibility of the export of goods. The law also provides that the carrier must comply with certain security measures, so that their activities do not harm the country's economy.

Exported goods which are transported across the border should be in the state in which they were at the moment of signing the customs declaration – you can export only the goods listed in your declaration. Nowadays the declaration can be submitted electronically (ECD) - it is fast, convenient and avoids queues.

The export of goods across the border is subject to specific customs duties, which depend on the Goods Classifier for FEA. This means that each exported cargo is counted and entered in a special list under the corresponding number. Codes in the Goods Classifier should be treated very carefully, otherwise there will be great difficulties crossing the border.

Non-tariff regulation: licensing and quotas. It is clear that the country is not very willing to let some of the goods (for example, cultural property) out, so in order to take them across the border, you need to collect a massive package of documents and permits.

Export of products is carried out at a specific tariff, which is determined by the government regulations, since this issue is important for the country. They contain the rates of duties on the export of goods, a list of goods and information on changes in the normative documents.



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