Equipment from China

As you know, in our market the supply of equipment from China is a significant part in the structure of imports from the Heavenly Empire. Moreover, its import from abroad can be carried out not only by large plants and factories, but also by representatives of medium and small businesses. Recently, purchasing production equipment in Europe is not entirely profitable due to its high cost. Therefore, at present, China is one of the leaders in the export of various kinds of equipment, and not only to Russia, but also to many other countries.

How to buy equipment from China?

China is a huge and controversial country. And there is a big difference in the mentality of the northern and southern regions. Many of us have heard about the poor quality of Chinese goods, but people who are knowledgeable also understand that with proper support the equipment from China can be little different from the European one. Not many people know how to organize the workflow properly, control it and get an excellent result at the output. Therefore, the company VED Agent offers you the full organization of the process: from the order formation to its transportation.

How we work
  • We make a marketing research.
  • Request registration documents.
  • At the request of the Customer, we personally visit the factory where the equipment will be manufactured.
  • Together with the customer we agree on the specifications.
  • We conclude a contract in which all the subtleties are taken into account.
  • We exercise strict control over the production process, coordinate and check all specifications.
  • We are present when accepting equipment from the manufacturer (at the request of the Customer we can organize photo and video shooting).
  • We carry out quality control of packaging, which will avoid unintentional damage to components and parts during transportation.

Types of equipment from China

We can supply production equipment for a great number of objects:
  • car service;
  • industry (mining, chemical, food);
  • woodworking;
  • publishing and printing;
  • cosmetology and medicine;
  • metallurgy;
  • agriculture;
  • construction;
  • trade;
  • recycling.
This list is not complete, since it can be continued endlessly. You can simply make a request and get the necessary information from our specialists.

How to deliver equipment from abroad?

The supply of equipment from China is a complicated and multi-task process.  You may succeed in your independent search for a responsible contractor. However, when it comes to large investments, it will be a smart move to entrust the problem to professionals. The company VED Agent organizes not only the production of equipment, but also its delivery by any means of transport.

Our advantages

Cooperation with us will allow you:
  • to receive high-quality equipment from China as soon as possible (at the same time you can come to the plant at any time and personally control the production process);
  • not to be engaged in complex and sometimes confusing details of foreign economic activity;
  • get rid of the need to organize cargo transportation.
Entrusting the company “VED Agent” with the procedure for importing equipment from China, you will get exactly what you need. You will be happy with the quality service, as well as our individual approach.


Awards and certificates
The best small business enterprise of Novosibirsk in ‘Leader of servicing’ nomination
The General Manager of JSC VED Agent Alexander Degtyarev is the laureate of ‘Leaders today-2018’ prize
The company’s work quality is confirmed by international certificate ISO 9001
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