Delivery financing

Сименс Финанс

Supply of import equipment under leasing agreements




Postponement of payment when buying goods from China



VED Agent

Financing the security for customs payments by adjustment of customs value.

Our company is ready to take upon the security for customs payments by the adjustment of customs value.

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Fixing exchange rates

It is important for both importers and exporters. You can fix your revenue and gross profit in rubles even before receiving payment from a foreign buyer (for the exporter) or until the due date for payment for the goods to a foreign supplier (for the importer). Thus, you know in advance how much in rubles you will spend on the purchase of foreign goods in one, two or three months. The exporter will know how much in rubles  he will receive after a certain period of time for the goods they are still producing.

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Buying / selling currency at the exchange rate (MICEX)

Our company, striving to reduce costs at all stages of purchasing goods from abroad, does not buy and sell currency at the banking rate, but at the exchange rate. This reduces costs by 60 kopecks per 1 US dollar which means that purchasing foreign currency for 100,000 US dollars, you save 60,000 rubles, which, as a rule, exceeds our commission for all our services for import or export of goods.

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The best small business enterprise of Novosibirsk in ‘Leader of servicing’ nomination
The General Manager of JSC VED Agent Alexander Degtyarev is the laureate of ‘Leaders today-2018’ prize
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