Contractor Service

VED Agent offers to close a foreign trade transaction with individual contract. This well-proven practice allows the Customer to get free from the worries about the delivery of goods and their customs clearance.

The client does not have to independently conclude contracts with foreign partners, open foreign currency accounts for settlements with them, arrange transportation, cargo insurance and deal with customs clearance. An agent agreement is concluded with the customer, on the basis of which the VED Agent concludes the necessary foreign trade contract with the supplier of the goods already on its own behalf and for the account of the Customer. In this case, the ownership of the goods remains with the client.
Сontract holding allows to free the customer's accounting department from keeping records of foreign economic activity on this transaction. The company VED Agent will independently carry out banking operations to pay for the goods and their transportation, filling out documents on its own behalf. This will reduce the volume of documentation on international operations or completely get rid of it.
This service is very convenient if the customer does not have regular import-export operations or if they only need to import / export goods once and making out a pile of papers because of this seems to be impractical. In addition, this form of cooperation will be a convenient option for those companies that, for some reason, have a ban on foreign economic activity, since the client’s name does not appear in the documents on purchase, sale and delivery of goods.
Contractor’s service is the best way to quickly and efficiently process goods without the participation of their own company, to enable the commission agent (the person who accepts the commission order) to act on any problems that may arise during transportation on his own behalf. This significantly increases the speed of solving issues arising during the transportation of goods. As a result of concluding an agency agreement with VED Agent, the customer will receive the goods already released for free circulation.
Awards and certificates
The best small business enterprise of Novosibirsk in ‘Leader of servicing’ nomination
The General Manager of JSC VED Agent Alexander Degtyarev is the laureate of ‘Leaders today-2018’ prize
The company’s work quality is confirmed by international certificate ISO 9001
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