Suppliers and manufacturers from China: find and make friends

China is the main production site of the planet. Here almost all the leading companies in the world locate their enterprises, a huge number of local factories and plants. China is hardworking, progressive, and active country. They are happy to share its goods with all other countries, especially with Russia. Chinese manufacturers are interested in increased demand for their products and expanding sales markets. And the importing states are interested in getting a lot of good Chinese goods from bona fide suppliers. The key issue is the search for a manufacturer. And this is not an easy task, since the number of enterprises in China is unimaginable, and only the best ones should be chosen.

When looking for a business partner in China, you must first determine the region where their company is located. Indeed, in China there is a fairly clear regional division of production, which is associated with the peculiarities of goods transportation. To make the search short and effective, you can contact a professional intermediary company.

You can start an independent search for a supplier on the Internet, on such resources as and others. English-language sites, we note, are more informative than Russian ones. The Internet will help you navigate the prices of goods, see price lists, find out what products are offered and where. After that, having some idea about the subject of the search, you can contact specialized companies to clarify the details and make a final decision.


No matter whether you use the services of professional intermediaries or find the suppliers on your own, it is better to visit the production in China in order to see the product range, assess the technological level and supplier loyalty.

It is recommended to contact intermediaries if you plan not too large deliveries, but if we are talking about regular import in large quantities, then you should visit China or send a knowledgeable specialist to a production site.


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