The Company

The team of VED Agent company has been working in the market providing its services in the area of foreign economic activity since 2005. From the very beginning of the company’s activities, we specialize in foreign economic activity exclusively, which allows us to accumulate our knowledge in this area and benefit from this knowledge without wasting time and resources on other business-lines.
  • comprehensive outsourcing of foreign economic activities (the assignment of functions related to the organization and operation of foreign economic activities to our agent company. The client outsources the need to solve foreign trade problems - our company takes care of them);
  • logistic outsourcing (the Client delegates to the Agent the authority for cargo transportation, storage and other operations related to the logistic business process);
  • customs outsourcing (delegation of authority for customs clearance of goods to our specialists).
Our advantages
  1. Specialists
    Our main advantage is our team, which allows us to solve problems of varying complexity. All our customer service managers know Chinese and English. Customs clearance specialists have certificates issued by the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation. Our employees have diplomas in the field of international relations, international area studies, and organization of cargo transportation. Specialists of VED Agent are focused on effectiveness and efficiency. We strive to grow our knowledge and skills.
  2. Customer-oriented approach
    Our work with the Client is an individual approach above all. Every client is assigned an individual manager. We are not limited by stated transportation plans. For each case the specialists of VED Agent offer the optimal path to deliver goods, optimize financial costs, minimize risks and terms of cargo transportation.
  3. Integration of services
    We have the opportunity to find a foreign supplier, conclude a foreign trade contract with him, deliver goods by various types of transport, deal with customs clearance, make clearance permitting documents for the import or export of goods. Throughout our relations with the Client the specialists of VED Agent provide free and time-efficient consulting.
  4. Reliable partners
    Our company works with reliable partners and service providers. They have been tested by time and sophisticated joint projects in the field of international transportation.
  5. A wide network of representatives and agents
    The network of our representative offices allows us to represent the interests of our customers in all major sea and airports, automobile and railway checkpoints of the Russian Federation, China, Europe, Southeast countries, Asia, the USA.
  6. Financial soundness and transparency
    We have a flexible financial policy and transparency of mutual settlements. For each shipment of transported goods VED Agent provides a full range of documents confirming the costs and a report on the execution of the order.
  7. The favorable geographical location of the company
    Location in Novosibirsk allows our company to carry out operational activities for the delivery of foreign trade cargo by rail, road and air. Our location in the geographical center of Russia gives us the opportunity to provide the complete range of services to customers in all regions of the country.


We specialize in the import of goods from China on a "turnkey" basis.

This service allows our clients to delegate the complex issues and problems that arise when importing from China to the specialists of VED Agent. To fulfill the assignments of our client, we:

More than a half of our clients contacted us on the recommendation of their acquaintances, entrepreneurs who had the experience of working with the specialists of VED Agent.
  • find manufacturers;
  • select the best manufacturers;
  • conclude a foreign trade contract;
  • make payment;
  • control shipments;
  • transport to Russia;
  • provide certification and make out the required permits;
  • attend to customs clearance at the necessary customs authority;
  • transfer the goods to the warehouse of the Client;
  • draw up the necessary accounting documents;


  • Member of 10 Chambers of commerce in the Russian Federation
  • 50000 TEU delivered from China
  • Member of the Shanghai International Carrier Association
  • participant of the largest logistics exhibitions in the Russian Federation, China and Europe
  • co-organizer of business development activities with China
  • quality of our work is confirmed by the quality certificate of ISO 9001


Awards and certificates
The best small business enterprise of Novosibirsk in ‘Leader of servicing’ nomination
The General Manager of JSC VED Agent Alexander Degtyarev is the laureate of ‘Leaders today-2018’ prize
The company’s work quality is confirmed by international certificate ISO 9001
Our partners